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tHE farewell feast

What I love about The Farewell Feast is their willingness to learn about your special family recipes and cater for a celebration that is so meaningful and yum! Jade is friendly and super talented AND will travel all over Melbourne to deliver (and cook) the best food for your event.


Seriously, these guys are the best in the biz for when it comes to video, tribute and print services. I have had the pleasure of working with Belinda Jane Video a number of times and they’ve always been super professional, reliable and speedy in delivery.

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Living legacy tree

If this isn’t the best idea since ‘Living Funerals’ I don’t know what is. Living Legacy Tree uses organic science to transform your ashes into a tree. What makes this even better is each time a Living Legacy Tree is planted, this company will plant 200 offset trees around the world. Brilliant.

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Helpful Love

Helpful Love. Such a great little business! They are all about providing helpful alternatives to those in need when sending flowers just doesn’t seem enough. What about a delivery food service? A babysitter or a handyman? Helpful love provides vouchers for you to buy to make gift giving a whole lot easier.

Threshold choir

A Melbourne based Choir that sing at the bedside of those nearing the end of life. Offering gentle voices and simple songs, this is a completely beautiful way to assist those transitioning from living to dying.


The Greenhaven Funeral Care Centre is the best! No doubt about it. They are a family run business that can offer deceased clients clean, safe and secure care and accommodation as they are prepared and await their farewell ceremony. I love doing funerals with the Greenhaven team.

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Simply In Order

Simply In Order was created by the ever so lovely Chantal who wanted to help people get their photos in order. She will take all of the tedious and annoying tasks out of your hands and organise your photos so you don’t have to deal with technology, scanning, backing things up… All of that Jazz! What a godsend!