My Living Funeral

Living Funeral Ideas


What can you include in a Living Funeral?

The options are endless…
I’ve categorised a few ideas into groups below.

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Outdoor Ideas..

A camp fire circle, stories are shared over toasted marshmellows and warm drinks.

A ceremony on the beach at sunset/sunrise. A family horse trail ride could make a nice inclusion for this day..

A gathering at the Butterfly enclosure at Melbourne Zoo.

A day out at a favourite winery, we could even try organise some grape stomping after the funeral has taken place.

If gardening is your cup of tea, we could ask everyone to get together to create a family veggie garden in your honour.

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Indoor Ideas..

A day of cooking your favourite family recipes… Dumplings, choc-chip cookies… whatever you like.

We can organise a relaxing pamper day with a roaming masseuse while stories and tributes are shared.

Why not invite all your favourite people together and our photographer can capture some beautiful portraits and casual photos of you with your loved ones.

A hands on day of coffin decorating!

A movie montage night showcasing footage and photos of your life. Everyone invited can also bring along their favourite photos to share and reminisce.


Activities you could incorporate..

A family pottery day

Tree Planting

Fruit Picking

Quilt making

Live music or DJ to spin your favourite tunes